P. M. Power Group Inc. (PMPG) is located in the community of White Pine on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and includes three component parts:

  • White Pine Electric Power LLC -- a 40 megawatt natural gas generating power plant.
  • Upper Peninsula Power Marketing LLC -- An electrical supply broker company that buys and sells onto the power grid.
  • White Pine Copper Refinery Inc. -- A refinery with the capacity to produce anode quality copper, which at present is used primarily for its interconnections to the grid that help better position the power plant.
Aerial View of P.M. Power Group

PMPG is located in the same industrial park as SubTerra LLC, a former copper mine with 35 sq. miles of underground space, and both companies are owned by Prairie Plant Systems Inc., based in Saskatoon, Canada.

Subterra is responsible for the research and development of a variety of biopharmaceutical plant products. Plants are grown under powerful lights that require a consistent supply of reliable electricity, creating valuable synergy between Subterra and White Pine Electric Power.